How To Play YOUTUBE In Background In Android/ no paid subscription/ no third party apps installation

Let’s learn to play free YouTube videos or music in background while using other apps parallelely without downloading any application and paid subscription.

But it’s a bit tricky. So go through everything carefully. You have to follow the given steps to do so. It’s very easy for those who understands better.

1. Open your CHROME browser. We are using Chrome because it is pre-installed in almost every Android OS device.

2. Click on three dots at the top right corner and click on ‘Request Desktop Site’. Follow the image below for ease.

3. Now in the URL box type:. You can copy it from here for ease

4. You will now receive an interface which is similar to that of desktop YouTube.

YouTube HomePage

5. Now you have to allow notification for this site so that you can easily operate it while doing your other work.

6. Now you have to search for your desired video and make it play normally. You will notice a different interface than that of a mobile app because we are using desktop version of the site.

7. After the video starts playing you have to click on your HOME BUTTON.

8. After pressing home button you will notice a operating pannel in your notification area. You can pause and resume the video from there.

Now you can enjoy many things parallelely at a time. If you really want to download some application for this, then you can install UC TURBO or Vidmate from Google Play Store. If you want to make it ad free then you have to get the paid subscription.

Hope this helped you!!!🙂🙂.

Coming soon:. How to use paid version of YouTube for free 100%. Wait for our next blog. Thank You



What do you think when the word ‘PHOTOGRAPHY’ comes to your mind. Most probably you’ll say ” oh! photography, it’s a talent which only few people have and I can never be the one”.

Trust me, this isn’t the case. What I believe is that it is something which can be explained through my very own formula: INNOVATION+CREATIVITY+MATHS+ PASSION=PHOTOGRAPHY.

Photography is an art which all of us possess but we aren’t aware of it. You need not have a DSLR camera or a fancy place to dive into the beautiful world of photography. Even a simple phone is fit for your need. Remember that there is beauty even in the smallest and the simplest things of the world. So go ahead grap your phone and hit go to explore the world inside your very own house. Let that baby photographer inside you shout out his/her first words.

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Why did ‘GOD’ do this to ‘ME’???

Is that you who is thinking- “why the hell I failed, why God why, why you did this to me”. Don’t worry, this is a human nature and we can’t help it. This is how we humans perceive everything and would not give a single thought to our faults.  The reason for it- we don’t want to see to it because we simply hate doing that.

But this isn’t the way the things should be and the root cause for it is again, we don’t want to look at our mistakes because it hurts. This way everything ends and we say “Hey, listen, you failed” and you let everything end right there and put a full stop to it.

So what is the right way to get everything right, right the way you want it. The only way to do that is to put a comma instead of a full stop and continue. But before that first stop blaming God and better blame yourself on what did you missed. See God has given you a powerful brain and you shouldn’t expect more than that. It’s you who have to make the best use of it. Now look back to your mistakes and simply rectify them. I know it sounds weird and tough but that’s how you can succeed. Look, it’s you have to understand this, it’s a game changer and I can’t stress on this anymore.

Now you will be like what the hell are you saying, why can’t the life go on smoothly without any comma or full stop (should never do). Well, the truth is life is never fair to anyone and there has to be ups and downs but again, life doesn’t seems to be interesting  without that.

See failures are a part of life and you have to accept it, no matter what. You know your mistakes so better correct them and achieve your aspirations instead of blaming others and ending up with a big tag of ‘looser’. Failures won’t decide that you are a looser instead it’s you who decides it. Everything is in your hands and now it’s you who has to decide so go on and destroy it. Nothing can stop you…


The big day (14th of July, 2020)

Today the flowers are bloomier, the sun is sunnier and life is awesomer- all because today is the BIRTHDAY of our (VidyaGyanis) very own Shiv Nadar sir. This day is as special to us as he is. He was born and the world got better.

Mr. Shiv Nadar

He just not shaped his dreams but he also shaped our dreams. He made all of us to dare to dream and to dream big, bigger than anyone or rather should say the biggest.

Today we want to thank you for making us feel the very importance of ourselves. Thank you so much for making us complete human beings and now we know that what education can do to this world. We’ll never let your hope shatter and we promise that we together will create the best masterpiece of the world with the colorful shades and strokes of our passion, hardwork and yes, the idea to dream the biggest of all. Even though today you have turned seventy-five, your thoughts seem to be youngest of all and by the way age is just a number. You are a real hero.




How To Start Your Day

How you start your Morning determines the tone for the rest … So guys here is my morning schedule which you can follow, it will help you in many ways:

1. Wake up Early. You have to wake up around 5:30 to 6:00 am. To wake up early you also have to sleep early. You should sleep around 10:30 to 11:00 pm so that you wake up early in the morning morning. Every to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

2. After waking up you have to greet your parents and get blessings from them to start on a happy note. Make sure that you are not going to use your cellphone without any specific reason.

3. Now get freshed  up quickly.

4. Drink a glass of water ( boiled water if possible).

5. Now, find an open space with eco-friendly environment (in lockdown you can choose your house’s roof or balcony).

6. Now listen to soft music in low volume and do some meditation. This will keep you calm and concentrated in your work whole day.

7. After meditation you can go for your walk or physical exercises to be healthy and active whole day.

8. After that don’t directly go for a shower. Wait for some time. In this time you can clean your room and arrange your bed.

9. Now go for a shower. You should sing in shower, firstly, it entertains you and secondly, it boosts your immune system.

10. Now get ready for your office/school/work.

11. Before breakfast make a to do list for your whole day. It will keep you more systematic and it will also organise your day. For students,they should arrange their bags,but it would be far better if they do it before sleeping only. This will save their time and they will not have to rush in morning.

12. Now have a fresh and healthy breakfast and leave for your work.

Follow this morning schedule regularly and you will notice a change from the first day onwards.🙂🙂


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton